Clarifying Spousal Maintenance Statutes

On April 15, 2014, Rep. Beth McCann and Sen. Andy Kerr introduced HB 14-1379 – Concerning Clarifying the Application of Spousal Maintenance Statutes. Currently the bill is pending signing before the governor.

In short, this bill clarifies that the spousal maintenance statute as it existed prior to January 1, 2014, governs claims for maintenance in dissolution of marriage and other actions filed prior to January 1, 2014. For claims for maintenance in a dissolution of marriage and other actions filed on or after January 1, 2014, the new spousal maintenance statute will be used.

It also clarifies that, in addition to remarriage, maintenance also terminates upon the establishment of a civil union by the party receiving maintenance. This is a new addition to bring this statue in line with last year’s Civil Union Bill that introduced civil unions as a recognized institution treated, for purposes under the law, exactly as a marriage.”

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