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The difficulties of divorce are often compounded by heightened emotions, like grief and anger about the loss of love and the future you had planned.  This can make the act of dividing up a household and assets even more complicated.

In the state of Colorado, the law calls for the “equitable distribution” of assets during a divorce.  It’s important to understand that this does not necessarily mean equal, but rather a fair division in the eyes of the court.

This distinction can be understandably confusing, which is why it’s so important to work with a qualified attorney from Curtis Law Firm.  With the right legal advice and representation, you can make sure that you get your fair share when dividing marital assets.

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What Does Equitable Distribution Mean?

Equal division of property would mean that you and your spouse split all marital assets and debts right down the middle, regardless of who earned more during the marriage or who racked up debt.  In an equitable distribution scenario, this isn’t necessarily the case.

If, for example, both parties contribute income to a marriage but one earns significantly more, that person who earns less or has a greater need for support could try to claim a larger share of marital assets.  Of course, that person might also be assigned a larger share of marital debt, in accordance with his/her income.  An experienced lawyer can help you to determine what is fair and equitable based on legal standards and precedents.

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